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  • Articles - They Aren't Just For Directories!
    You probably know that writing and submitting articles is an important, effective aspect of Internet Marketing. What you may not realize, however, is that articles aren’t just for directories.

  • Writing Articles - It's All In The Headline!
    Some people find writing articles quite easy. But almost all article writers will agree that the hardest part of article writing is the headline, or the title of the article.

  • Articles - Recyclable Marketing
    One of the nice things about article marketing, aside from the fact that it is viral and highly effective, is the fact that it is recyclable. You can use articles over and over again to achieve a variety of goals.

  • Increase Your Income With Article Marketing
    No matter what you are trying to accomplish in your Internet Marketing, you will almost always benefit from article marketing. Article marketing is the most viral form of marketing in existence today.

  • The Value of Good Articles
    A good, well-written, informative article can be worth thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not only by way of providing useful content, but to the author of the article as well. Articles, for all intents and purposes, are viral.

  • Article Marketing for SEO Purposes
    You’ve heard how important it is to optimize your website for the search engines. But did you know that it is also important to optimize the articles that you will distribute for the search engines as well?

  • The Anatomy of Perfect Articles
    The first step to creating perfect articles is to choose a hot topic. For one thing, for perfect articles you need perfect headlines to catch their attention.

  • Copyright Violations - What To Do When Your Articles Are Stolen
    Copyright violations are out of control on the Internet. In the case of articles that are stolen, however, it is often just a misunderstanding as to how the articles were to be used.

  • Developing A Great Resource Box For Articles
    The author’s resource box is the most important of articles. While you need to deliver what the readers want in the body of the article, you must write an authors resource box that will compel the reader to take action.

  • Before Submitting Articles...
    Before submitting articles, try to do this. Once the article is written step back for a day or two, then come back with fresh eyes and look at the article again. Submitting articles will work out much better for you this way.

  • Submitting To Article Directories
    You know that article marketing is beneficial, and you probably strive to turn out high quality articles on a regular basis. Writing the perfect article, however, won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to submit it effectively.

  • How To Judge Article Directories
    Once your articles are written it is time to submit them. Not every directory is a good choice. Take time to research where to submit your articles.

  • Using PLR Articles - What You Should Know
    You have probably heard of PLR articles. These are ‘Private Label Rights’ articles, which means that you can put yourself as the author of the articles and change them anyway you like.

  • Outsourcing Your Article Writing
    Article marketing is one of the most powerful types of marketing you can do – no matter what you are selling. You might want to consider outsourcing your article writing.

  • Outsourcing Your Articles Submissions
    Submitting articles to the article repositories can eat up an entire day! Most people cannot afford that kind of time, no matter how effective article marketing is. Outsourcing your article submissions may be the answer.



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